Known Problems

There a number of known issues with the software which I have been unable to fix yet:

Handicap Task Calculator

1) Picking TPs using the drop down list. If you selected a TP by typing in the drop down list then leave the list (whilst open) by mouse clicking elsewhere e.g. on the Add button the drop down list will close but the TP will not be properly selected and will not be added when you click the Add button. Always tab out of the TP drop down list and all will work as intended.

2) It is possible to set tasks where the variable barrel is larger than the segment radius. e.g. when you are using BGA settings using thistles and a large range of handicaps. In this scenario the turnpoint shapes are rendered incorrectly in SeeYou. Either reset the task with additional turnpoints so that the variable barrels are smaller, extend the segment radius, or set to barrel only. You will have to uncheck the BGA option to do the latter.

Handicap Scoring

1) When SeeYou Competition processes a flight file it moves / writes LCU records to the end of the file. Should you use the scoring program to process this file as a 'flight' file in order to insert the task data then there will be two sets of LCU data in the file and SeeYou Competition may fail to interpret the file correctly. Make sure that you process only virgin flight traces and not files that have already been imported into SeeYou Competition.

2) SeeYou competition may be inconsistent in the way it uses penalty information written in the igc file. If you are having problems experiment with including the additional task data in the igc file as well as in tthe See You day settings page.

3) Main window doesn't refresh as expected when data is changed or added. If you click any where outside the modified row the data will appear correctly.