Scoring Options

As with the Handicap Task Calculator you can set scoring options which will be saved and loaded at start up.

Start Time is the time that the start line was opened. Tasks started before this time may be penalised.

Max Start is the maximum start height in feet. Tasks started above this height may be penalised.

Vert Pen is the height in feet of the penalty zone above the start area in which starts may be controlled subject to penalty.

Hor Pen is the distance in metres within which a missed turnpoint may be controlled subject to penalty.

Min Finish is the minimum finishing height in feet, if set. Tasks finished below this height may be penalised. 

Finally set the input and output paths for the igc files and path to the Contest folder.

IMPORTANT: SeeYou competition is inconsistent in the way it uses penalty information written in the igc file. Make sure that you also set the start time, min and max heights, and horizontal and vertical tolerances in the SeeYou day settings page as well as here.

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