Auto Processing

From V2.2.4.0, Handicap Scoring has an auto processing feature that will process new files as they arrive in the source folder. The program will ask if you want to enable the feature during the first manual processing run.

To enable Auto Processing

Answer 'yes' when the program asks you if you want to enable Auto Processing. It will do this at the end of the first manual processing run. Once enabled the program will check for new files and attempt to process them once every minute.

To disable Auto Processing

Reset the program using the menu tool bar at the top of the main window. You will have to reimport the task (press the Import Task button) and reimport the logger traces. The Auto Processing will now be disabled and you will be asked if you want to re-enable it after the first manual run.

Auto Processing Notes

When Auto Processing is enabled the program will not present any error messages that require user input. Files where there is insufficient or incorrect pilot and handicap data will simply not be processed. You can add or edit this data in the main window between processing and manually process or wait for the next Auto Processing event.

Similarly the program will consider traces that exist in the output folder to be correctly processed and will not overwrite them. If you want to automatically overwrite a file that has already been processed you need to delete it from the output folder. The program will now process the file as if it had not been done before.