Processing Files

There are four stages involved in processing the igc files.

First select the task date and click the 'Import Task' button. This will load the task data.

Second enter the folder path for the folder that contains all the traces for the day and click the 'Import Flights' button. This will load all the flights in that folder that were flown on the task date.

When the flights are imported, the program will display the pilot and glider data from the igc file matched with competition data kept in a csv file named LoggerPilotGliderHandicaps.csv which is saved in the Contest folder. Note that loggers are identified by their unique manufacturer code + serial number code. This file can be created in Excel or Wordpad in advance or from data imported from a pilots txt file exported from See You Competition. The LoggerPilotGliderHandicaps.csv file will be created by Handicap Task Scoring after processing if the file does not already exist.

Add the missing data in the Pilot Name (Scoring), Glider ID (Scoring), and Handicap columns. This can be copied from the igc file by right clicking the row and selecting 'copy' from the context menu that appears. Once added this data will be automatically appended when the logger is imported on subsequent days.

If pilot data is missing it can be added from a See You pilots file (exported from V8 or later) using the Pilots menu tab. This will not overwrite existing records, so if you want to make corrections you must do this in both SeeYou and either in the main scoring pane, or by editing the LoggerPilotGliderHandicaps.csv file, before you process files. Any corrections made in the main scoring panel will be saved to the LoggerPilotGliderHandicaps.csv file after processing. The loaded data can be also be viewed from the Pilots menu.

Check or change the scoring options that SeeYou will use to check and score the traces. More information on scoring options can be found here. Finally click the 'Process' button. This will process all the files with completed Pilot, ID, and Handicap data. All files successfully processed will appear with a tick in the 'Done' column. If you want to reprocess a file, simply untick it.

IMPORTANT: SeeYou competition is inconsistent in the way it uses penalty information written in the igc file. Make sure that you also set the start time, min and max heights, and horizontal and vertical tolerances in the See You Competition day settings page as well as here.

Automatic Processing