Print / Save Task

When you have successfully calculated a task, the program will display the task report:

Because the program calculates the barrel sizes to one decimal point of the units used e.g. 8.3K, 5.1Mi, 4.8Nm etc the handicap distance to be flown for each handicap may vary by a few hundred meters or so. Some pilots will see that they have to fly a little bit further or less than the 100 handicap glider. If this becomes a problem we can look at changing the precision of the barrels to two decimal points in future releases. The downside will be that the glider's instruments may not resolve to this accuracy.

Note that the column marked "Act Dist" is the actual distance to be flown through the air mass. If you have calculated using the Windicapped scheme this figure will increase with wind speed and may exceed the nominal task length. 

Use the icons at the top of the report to print or save as a PDF, Word, or Excel file.