Calculation Schemes

The Handicap Task Calculator produces handicap tasks based upon one of four calculation schemes selected by the user:

BISECTOR: Tasks are measured using the handicapped distance between the centre points for start and finish points and points on the edge of each turn point barrel along the bisector of incoming and outgoing tracks.

BESTPOINTS: Tasks are measured using the handicapped distance between points on the start line, finish line or ring, and points within, or on the edge of, each turn barrel that minimise the overall task length.

HANDICAPPED: Tasks are calculated the same as the bestpoints, above.

WINDICAPPED: Tasks are measured using windicapped distances for each leg between the best points selected above based upon handicap, wind speed and direction. Windicapped distances are calculated using the formula described in the BGA competition rules for 2018 and the resulting task sheet will show the distance to be flown through the moving airmass for each handicap.

Each scheme increases the amount of calculation required. The Bisector scheme is the quickest, Windicapped the slowest.   


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