File Paths

Handicap Task Calculator ships with the BGA turn points file for the current year and this is installed in the Turnpoints folder within the default data folder. The program will load these when it is started. You can change this path and file if desired. The program recognises the standard BGA DOS format, the SeeYou CUP file format, and the US STX file format. If you have problems loading a turn point file check to see if there are any lines within that are incorrectly formatted before contacting the author.

Note: Turn points are listed in a drop down box for selection. These are sorted alphabeltically by default. If you wish the turnpoints to be listed exactly in the order that they appear in your turn point file then add the line 'TPSort:False' (without quotes) to the handicaptask.ini file using a text editor.

The program outputs a number of files used in SeeYou to display the calculated task and to facilitate scoring in SeeYou Competition. These files will be saved in the folder path selected here. See here for more detail.

The setup program will create Task, Turnpoints, Flights, Contest, and Scoring folders in the default data folder c:\HandicapTask. Unless it causes you a problem, it is probably best to stick with these default folders. 

Tasks Folder.  The calculator will save task information in the Tasks folder. See here for details.
Flights Folder.  The scoring program will parse the igc files in the Flights folder and update them for SeeYou to score.
Contest Folder. The folder used by SeeYou Competition for contest data.
Scoring Folder.  The scoring program will place the updated igc files in the Scoring folder for SeeYou to import.


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