Task Properties

Distance Units allows the task setter to specify whether distances are entered and displayed in Kilometers, Nautical Miles, or Statute Miles.

Min Handicap is the handicap of the lowest performance glider expected to compete. Restricting the range will speed up calculation and reduce the size of the output files.

Max Handicap is the handicap of the highest performance glider expected to compete. Min and Max Handicaps must be whole numbers. NB: Min and Max handicaps can only be used with handicaps based around 100. To use US style handicaps based around 1 you must use the classes feature.

Start Radius is the radius of the start line equal to 1/2 the total length.

Min Barrel Radius is used to set the barrel size for the highest handicap glider to fly.

Max Barrel Radius is used set to the largest barrel size expected. If the calculator has to set barrel sizes higher than this for low handicap gliders it will warn and ask if it should continue beyond this setting.

Variable TP Shape can be set to either 'Barrel' or 'Thistle'. If Thistle shape is specified you need to enter the size and angle of the sector. An angle of 45 degrees will specify 45 degrees either side of the reciprocal of the bisector giving a wedge of 90 degrees in total on the opposite side of the barrel from the inbound and outbound tracks.

Checkpoint Radius is used to set the size of checkpoint barrels. Typically 0.5K.

Checkpoint TP Shape can be set as above for Variable TPs. It is generally best to set checkpoints as barrels.

Finish Type. Set to desired finish type.

Finish Radius is the radius of the finish line or ring. If you have selected a line it is equal to 1/2 the total length.

Finish Angle is either 'Auto' and perpendicular to the incoming track, or set to a fixed angle in degrees (as set in See You). If you use a defined angle make sure that it is pointing towards the last turn otherwise all traces will be shown as landed out because the pilot will have crossed in the wrong direction!

Calculation Scheme. Set to the desired scheme. See here for more details.

Wind Speed and Direction. If you have selected the Windicapped calculation scheme, set these properties to the expected average wind during the task window.

Set BGA Competition Defaults. If selected this option will automatically set the properties defined in the BGA 2019 Competition rule book and exclude sensitive turn points when importing the 2018.dos format turnpoint file.


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