Task Entry

When the program starts it will display the task entry form displaying the defaults that have been set on the options form.

Entering the Task

The take off and landing points are preloaded using the home point default setting. Using the turnpoint selector select the turn points for Start, Variable, Checkpoint, and Finish using the Code and Type selectors.

If you know the turn point code you can type this in directly or use the drop down list to select from the loaded turn points. Use the tab key to tab to the turn point type selector. You can select either by typing the first letter of the desired turn point type S (start), V (variable, C (checkpoint), or F (finish) or by using the drop down list. When you are happy, click the Add button. You can also tab forward to the add button and hit enter to add the turn point. Your selection will be added to the list:

The task points can be moved, deleted, or changed type by right clicking a row in the task list and selecting the desired action.

Entering Task Properties

Once the task is entered, you can modify the task properties using the boxes on the right of the form.

These options are pre-filled using the defaults set in the program options form but can be changed before calculation. See here for more detail on the meaning of these properties. If you select the Windicapped calculation scheme you should also enter the expected wind speed and direction.

Tip: If you select the BGA scheme option here, the task properties will be automatically set according to the BGA 2019 Competition Rule Book.

Entering Task Notes

You may add notes to the task report using the notes form launched by clicking the 'Add Notes' button,

Enter Name and Date

Enter a descriptive name for the task and change the task date if necessary.


When you are satisfied with the task and task options, click the ' Calculate' button. The program will calculate the task using the turn points and option selected and produce the task report and output files.