G Dale

G Dale

G Dale - 2 times British Club Class National Champion and world renowned XC coach says:

I did my first HDT at the 2017 Northern Regionals. I hadn't realised that they would actually work - a lot of "good ideas" in gliding  don't work in practise. The winning feature, the USP  of this task style is that it applies the handicap in flight - at each turning point. This to some extent, regroups the fleet to tackle the next leg again from a common viewpoint.

With the conventional racing task the low handicap gliders have a completely different day out from the high handicap gliders. Don't even start me on bloody AAT's - where you are merely playing the odds and flying skill has little to do with it.

The HDTs work. We all have a similar day out, Libelle or ASW 27. Same set of choices for start time, same sort of time around the task, between turning point, same weather problems. OK, different machine to tackle the weather with - I'm I'm running streets I'd rather be in the ASW 27, if I'm stuck low down I'd rather be in the Libelle. But that's part of the fun.


So yes, great idea, way better than I expected and I would be quite happy to use them in an important competition. Would swap them for AATs tomorrow.

    Justin Brister Justin encourages early XC pilots at Cambridge Gliding Club using Handicap Tasks.

I am using the software to set Variable Barrel tasks each weekend (a mix of local tasks within a 15k radius) through to Silver Distance and 100k Diploma. We have about 20 pilots involved and the variable barrel tasks have been well received by them.

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