Handicap Task Suite

Handicap tasks are a new way of flying club tasks or competitions where the task length is adjusted for each glider handicap so that all gliders are set the same handicapped task distance. In theory, equally skilled pilots will complete the task in the same elapsed time irrespective of the glider they fly. Task length is adjusted by changing the size of the turn point barrels for those turn points that are designated as 'variable'.


The Handicap Task Calculator is used to calculate the variable barrel size for a range of glider handicaps against the task entered. The highest handicap glider will be required to fly the full distance around turn point barrels set to the specified 'minimum' barrel size. The calculator then calculates the variable barrel size for each lower handicap and produces a task sheet giving all the data needed for the pilots to fly the task. This can be distributed either in paper form or electronically as a PDF or editable Microsoft Word file.


Handicap Task Scoring prepares igc trace files for scoring in See You Competition by adding the task set using Handicap Task Calculator to the files. See You Competition can then simply import these files and score them.


Both programs are installed along with supporting files to enable simple task creation and scoring. You will be required to register in order to use the software. This is to ensure that we can inform you of changes and new versions. Registration is presently free.


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